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Aurora Snow’s True Blood: Season 7: Ep. 3: “Fire in the Hole” Review


“Fire in the Hole”

Another one bites the dust. Only three episodes into the season and we’ve already lost two main characters. You’ll be surprised to see who we lost. Though I doubt this particular character will be missed. This shocking death ends the episode so for those impatient viewers, you can fast forward to the end.

Eric’s  given up on life. After wandering the earth for a thousand years, he’s finally ready to call it quits. He’s lost many loves, but it was Nora’s recent death that broke him. While his suffering and loss was illustrated through flashbacks, all I could focus on was his Bruce Jenner hairdo. It was so distracting and contrary to how we usually see Eric. He’s the suave, well groomed gentlemen so seeing his fluffy mop of hair seemed contrary to his character. Glad Pam is there, she won’t let Eric die the miserable death he seeks. She loves him too much to let his soul wither with his body.

Love is a fickle thing. No one knows this better than Sookie who still wrestles with desire for her former flame. The man she runs to when she has a problem isn’t her boyfriend, it’s her first love Bill. That says everything, doesn’t it? First loves can be hell to get over and some adults never do, the memories linger becoming better with age while the flaws fade away. All Sookie can see now is the new and improved Bill Compton. She forgets and forgives quickly. She’s never had smart taste in men. Her eagerness to reconnect with Bill proves she doesn’t love Alcide as much as she professes to. Maybe she’s lying to herself or perhaps she’s just as confused as the rest of us.

What’s going on with Jason?! Last week he gets in touch with his inner gay self and this week he’s pining for a baby. This poor guy has no idea who he is anymore. Shock and trauma can do that to a person. He’s grasping around, trying to figure out who he is in this new world and he thinks starting a family is the answer. HA. He wants to adopt a baby with his vamp girlfriend Violet. Clearly he’s delusional.

Violet successfully berates him for having feelings. She says, “One town of dead people and you’re going to let it turn you into a girl?” Back in her day men were warriors, they didn’t think, they didn’t feel they just fought and kept going. Back in her day gender was very segregated too, men and women kept to their respective roles. This was a great conversation with interesting commentary about modern man’s softer side. As Jason puts it to her,  “Well, I hate to break it to ya Violet, but I’m a modern man. I think and I feel. And I’m still a badass.” To which she replies, “f*ck being modern!” Don’t take it personally Jason, she’s just old fashioned.

Once again Lafayette provides colorful comic relief. While everyone is out fighting, rioting or killing, Lafayette is dancing around his house without a care in the world. Flopping around like an adorable muppet rocking out to his tunes, Lafayette does what no one else can – he celebrates the moment. He’s alive and high and therefore happy. He’s one of the few truly happy people in Bon Temps. With an intoxicating pill cocktail Lafayette gets blissed out with his new vamp buddy. Gleefully retreating to his own world, he ignores all the chaos. Lafayette clearly embodies the old adage ‘ignorance is bliss.’

For all those anxious fans wondering what became of Sarah Newlin, your answers are here. She’s moved to Los Angeles where she’s begun having an affair with her yogi. But as one might expect, her past quickly catches up with her and her new life.

Overall not a bad episode, it raised a number of questions that next week’s episode should answer. Will Eric be the next to die? Is the plan to kill off a character every other episode? Can’t wait to see what the writers do next week.

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