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Sherlock Holmes (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Sherlock Holmes is a fun, action-packed steampunk adventure that updates the Doyle character.

Beetlejuice (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Warner has done a great job with the 4K transfer for this classic action-packed dark comedy from Tim Burton.

The Goonies (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

This 4K Ultra HD remaster presents this 1985 classic produced by Steven Spielberg brilliantly.

Spartacus (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

A star-studded epic of ancient Rome that was actor-producer Kirk Douglas' high point on the big screen receives a masterful 4K restoration from Universal.

Scoob! (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Disappointing but still fun first animated theatrical release for this franchise that emphasizes the action and comedy but eschews the mystery-solving at the core of the franchise.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

J.J. Abrams delivers an enjoyable if not unflawed end to the Skywalker saga that should put the franchise on solid footing heading into the future.

Superman: Red Son (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

An action-packed alternate reality version of Cold War-era Superman.

Shutter Island (10th Anniversary Limited Edition) (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Paramount provides a superb new 4K transfer with Dolby Vision of this tasty Scorsese neo-noir in this new 10th Anniversary Steelbook.

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