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Race to Witch Mountain Blu-ray Review

Walt Disney's family sci-fi adventure makes its way onto Blu-ray in a value-added reference quality release that makes it hard to pass up.

300: The Complete Experience Blu-ray Review

The 300 Spartans stand once again in a newly bolstered Blu-ray reissue from Warner

Echelon Conspiracy Blu-ray Review

Poorly written and tightly budgeted, Echelon Conspiracy is just another film to dump on the big pile of spy thrillers and the bare-bones Blu-ray can't save it.

The Sky Crawlers Blu-ray Review

Mamoru Oshii's The Sky Crawlers is a visually, aurally, and intellectually stimulating anime film that looks and sounds splendid on Blu-ray, but its existential themes of immortality and reincarnation lost in a shallow character explorations.

Akira Blu-ray Review

What price ultimate power? The thrilling and groundbreaking cyberpunk anime from Katsuhiro Otomo's manga asks this question and more and does it in a solid 1080p transfer with a reference 192/24 Japanese 5.1 soundtrack on Blu-ray Disc.

Léon: Der Profi (Leon: The Professional) — Ultimate Edition Steelbook [German Import] Blu-ray Review

What may arguably be Luc Besson's strongest film is given the "Blu" treatment in a solid transfer in this Ultimate Edition Steelbook

Sin City: Theatrical & Recut, Extended Unrated Versions Blu-ray Review

This two-disc, Recut & Extended release of Sin City on Blu-ray disc not only offers exceptional value, but it offers true reference material and great entertainment.

Life on Mars: The Complete Series One [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

This original UK version of the groundbreaking BBC crime drama that revitalized the genre is a must-see for any fan of cop shows or anyone who thinks they like the US-remake.

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