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Poseidon Blu-ray Review

Poseidon offers a CG-fest of mindless adventure on the high seas, but is Warner's VC-1 encoding up to the task, or does it sink like stone?

Sharpe’s Peril Blu-ray Review

Author Bernard Cornwell's hero of Waterloo returns for another adventure and this time he's uncovering a secret opium trade in India. The 1080i transfer, from an original HD source, offers an obvious upgrade over Sharpe's Challenge's Super-16mm source.

Sharpe’s Challenge Blu-ray Review

Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe returns with a new HD master of its Super-16mm source that does its best, but why, oh, why are we still inflicted with Dolby Digital soundtracks?

Clash of the Titans (1981) Blu-ray Review

The original Ray Harryhausen classic arrives in a deluxe Blu-ray Book with VC-1 video transfer unworthy of the gods or Laurence Olivier.

Stargate Universe 1.0 Blu-ray Review

With a strong ensemble cast, this character-driven sci-fi drama is the grittiest, most mature series in the Stargate franchise yet, but with 9 episodes at an SRP of $69.99 ($39 on Amazon) they must be living in another universe.

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials Blu-ray Review

David Tennant is given a fitting farewell as The Doctor with this strong collection of Doctor Who specials on Blu-ray from the BBC.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Season One Blu-ray Review

This fantasy-fueled manga series makes it to Blu-ray in a 1080p hi-def presentation from Funimation.

The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

70 years on, The Wizard of Oz still shines in this new high definition transfer on Blu-ray disc from Warner.

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