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12 Monkeys (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Gilliam draws from his usual surreal toolbox for what is a thoroughly enjoyable joyride through a dystopian, steampunk fantasy world

Children of the Corn (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

A gorgeous new 2K restoration from Arrow packed with special features of this subpar Stephen King adaptation from 1984.

Crimes of Passion (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

The erotic, psycho-sexual, neo-noir '80s B-thriller starring Kathleen Turner, 'Crimes of Passion', gets a strong Blu-ray release from Arrow Video.

Vamp (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Cool '80s comedy/horror fodder 'Vamp' gets a slick looking, feature-rich release on Blu-ray from Arrow Video.

Gomorrah: The Complete Season Two [UK] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Italian crime drama Gomorrah raises the ante with this gritty, complex second season out now on Blu-ray from Arrow Films.

The Disappearance: The Complete Series [UK] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

A teenage girl vanishes and the web of suspects must be untangled in the French Euro-noir series 'The Disappearance' on Blu-ray from Arrow Films' Nordic Noir & Beyond.

Blood and Black Lace (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Arrow US releases the visually sumptuous Mario Bava Gothic horror film, 'Blood and Black Lace' in a beautiful new 2K restoration on Blu-ray.

Dillinger (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Arrow gives us a superb 2K restoration of the 1973 classic 'Dillinger' packed with features on Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack.

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