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The Sweet Hereafter [UK] Blu-ray Review

Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter is a beautiful exploration of tragedy and loss, available on Blu-ray from the UK's Artificial Eye

Simon Killer [Masters of Cinema] [UK] Blu-ray Review

Simon Killer is an overwhelmingly depressing, though visually stunning effort from director Antonio Campos

On the Road Blu-ray Review

Kerouac's iconic story of post-war restlessness finally makes it to the screen, in a good, but pale version in comparison to its source.

Day of the Falcon Blu-ray Review

A long, tedious "epic" with pretensions of being a new Lawrence of Arabia, Day of the Falcon is all glitz and no soul.

Why Stop Now Blu-ray Review

Highlighted by a funny, sometimes quirky performance by The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg, Why Stop Now is an interesting comedy worth checking out.

All Superheroes Must Die Blu-ray Review

This low budget superhero thriller lacks the punch to make it an interesting watch.

Lightning Bug Blu-ray Review

Hollywood B-movie makeup effects maven Robert Hall's semi-autobiographical story about getting out of small town USA is a charming slice of life drama.

Video Game High School Season One Blu-ray Review

Quirky and just a whole lot of fun sums up Video Game High School, a different look into the world of gaming.

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