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The Beach House (Blu-ray Review)

A Lovecraftian bit of horror that thrills with its sense of shock, its philosophical questions, and its visual style.

Total Recall: 30th Anniversary (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Paul Verhoeven's mind-bending 1990 sci-fi classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger gets a brilliant 4K upgrade for its 30th anniversary.

Jeepers Creepers (101 Films) (Blu-ray Review)

Jeepers Creepers, 2001 horror flick from writer/director Victor Salva (Clownhouse, Powder), doesn’t exactly reinvent the horror genre. In fact, the cynic would say that...

Sherlock Holmes (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

Sherlock Holmes is a fun, action-packed steampunk adventure that updates the Doyle character.

Shudder Original: Z (Blu-ray Review)

An enjoyable horror film with legitimate scares, a tense atmosphere, and slick production values on an ‘indie’ budget.

Watchmen (Limited Series) (Blu-ray Review)

A complex and layered series that honors the original work while tackling pressing social issues of today.

Motherless Brooklyn (Blu-ray Review)

A lavish neo-noir that despite solid performances is ultimately too long and feels like a poor remake of 'Chinatown'.

The Anne Bancroft Collection (Blu-ray Review)

A bountiful collection of eight Anne Bancroft films featuring some of her best big-screen performances.

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