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Best Seller Blu-ray Review

A cop gets tangled up with a hitman in '80s crime thriller Best Seller.

Blood Red Blu-ray Review

A low budget western shot in Northern California, Blood Red wastes its strong cast on middling material.

Dangerously Close Blu-ray Review

A group of rich high school kids patrol their school in this bit of '80s action cheese.

The Road to Hong Kong Blu-ray Review

The Crosby-Hope Road series never fails to amuse viewers with slapstick humor and this one benefits from a cornucopia of cameo appearances by some of Hollywood's best.

Return to Me Blu-ray Review

Return to Me proves to be a film that will occasionally moisten your eyes and warm your heart

Muscle Beach Party Blu-ray Review

Beach movies were supposed to be fun and this one certainly fills that bill.

Wild Orchid Blu-ray Review

Infamous for a supposedly non-faked sex scene between then real-life couple Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis, Wild Orchid was never a good film and has aged poorly.

The End of Violence Blu-ray Review

An examination of violence and consumerism that looks stylish but is a convoluted mess.

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