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Bleak House [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

This third television adaptation of Charles Dickens' masterful novel is worthy of the author's complex story in both its production values and skilled acting.

Life on Mars: The Complete Series Two [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

Life on Mars returns to Blu-ray in 1080p to wrap up the series competently and satisfyingly with Life on Mars: The Complete Series Two.

Life on Mars: The Complete Series One [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

This original UK version of the groundbreaking BBC crime drama that revitalized the genre is a must-see for any fan of cop shows or anyone who thinks they like the US-remake.

The Tudors: The Complete Second Season [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

The Tudors: The Complete Second Season proves that history is filled with real historical figures that are more interesting than any soap opera. The Tudors is compelling entertainment and its lavish production looks and sounds wonderful on Blu-ray.

The Tudors: The Complete First Season [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

With the third season of The Tudors about to kick off on Showtime, TheaterByte has decided to visit this riveting and worthy Blu-ray release, which, amazingly, is still not available in the US.

Good Will Hunting [Canadian Import] Blu-ray Review

This modern classic directed by Gus Van Sant arrives on Blu-ray from Canada's Alliance, but does the transfer compare to the best of the catalogue releases on Blu-ray Disc?

Stevie Wonder Live At Last — A Wonder Summer’s Night Blu-ray Review

It's impossible to argue against Stevie Wonder being a musical genius. The multi-instrumentalist who is proficient on the harmonica, melodica, drums, various percussion and keyboard instruments and vocalist has been performing professionally as a musician since the age of eleven when Berry Gordy signed him to Motown's Tamla record label. Steveland Morris (born Steveland Judkins) has also been an active songwriter from at least his teens when he began working with Motown's songwriting division, even penning such hit numbers as "Tears of a Clown" for labelmates Smokey Robinson & The Miracles...

Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic Blu-ray Review

Alan Moore's Watchmen series of graphic novels from the 1980's along with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the seminal works of comics from that decade, helping to redefine the genre. In these days when the term "graphic novel" is thrown around so often, Watchmen still stands as an example of a work that truly deserves that moniker. Weaving together intricate story lines and multiple subplots, including the comic-within-a-comic Tales of the Black Freighter, Watchmen turned the world of "superheroes" inside out, bringing them down to Earth, and read like a combination beat novel and pulp fiction...

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