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James White (2015) Movie Review

Amazing performances and a very original story make 'James White' a must see film.

Legend (2015) Movie Review

Tom Hardy is excellent as both the Kray Brothers in the mediocre film 'Legend'.

Suffragette (2015) Movie Review

The plight of the British women who fought for the right to vote is beautifully told in the excellent film 'Suffragette.'

Little Accidents (2014) Movie Review

There are no little accidents in this compelling small town drama.

Narcopolis (2015) Movie Review

The convoluted Sci-Fi thriller Narcopolis tells of a world where all drugs are legal.

Everest (2015) Movie Review

Everest, out now in IMAX, is worth seeing in the larger format.

The New Girlfriend (Une nouvelle amie) (2014) Movie Review

A married couple's relationship takes an unexpected twist in Francois Ozon's latest gender-bending dramedy The New Girlfriend.

45 Years (2015) Movie Review

A couple's 45th wedding anniversary is disrupted when one's long-dead spouse turns up full preserved in the Arctic in 45 Years.

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