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Mutant Girls Squad Blu-ray Review

Headless bodies gushing blood like fountains, butt-chainsaws, breast-swords, tongue-in-cheek one liners, and, oh yeah, beautiful women in schoolgirl uniforms -- those wacky Japanese filmmakers are at it again with Mutant Girls Squad.

Shock Labyrinth Blu-ray 3D Review

Director Shimizu Takashi's haunted house J-Horror flick, Shock Labyrinth 3D, is a satisfying guilty pleasure that effectively uses 3D and gives a little shot in the arm to this well-worn genre.

The Front Line Blu-ray Review

Director Hun Jang's riveting film on the Korean War from the South Korean perspective finally arrives on Blu-ray in the US from Well Go USA in an acceptable release, but one that is just a tad below the quality of the region-free offering from the UK's Cine-Asia.

Let the Bullets Fly Blu-ray Review

Great action combines with humor and stellar performances in this Asian "western" from writer/director Wen Jiang, arriving on Blu-ray with a strong HD transfer and engaging lossless 5.1 mix.

Splintered Blu-ray Review

Daft teens get drunk, wander through the woods, and end up stalked by a killer -- I think we've seen this movie before. Splintered is an unoriginal horror/thriller that has high production values, but that's about it.

Blade of Kings Blu-ray Review

Over-the-top, laughable, yet still kind of enjoyable, Blade of Kings, the latest Blu-ray from Well Go USA, arrives with a fine V/A presentation.

Blade of Kings Blu-ray Review

Reasonably enjoyable martial arts adventure with appearances by some legends of the field, Blade of Kings is definitely worth a rental by fans of the genre.

Yakuza Weapon Blu-ray Review

Hot women, mean gangsters and cool fights sum up the oddball Yakuza Weapon, the newest Blu-ray from Well Go USA.

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