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Hulu Original Catch-22 (TV Series Review)

A stunning adaptation of Joseph Heller's original novel about the hazards of war and its effects on the combatants.

Hulu Original Into The Dark: New Year, New You (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

'New Year, New You' savagely skewers the omnipresent self-help/self-awareness personalities whose seemingly endless infomercials have cluttered the airways and dulled viewers’ sensibilities for years.

Hulu Original Into The Dark: Pooka! (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

Pooka! fails to rise above its B-film predecessors and leaves viewers scratching their heads at the film's rushed finale.

Hulu Original Into The Dark: Flesh & Blood (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

The second installment of Hulu Original's anthology film TV series is long on gore and short on dialogue

Hulu Original The First (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

An outer space series that stays mostly earthbound while exploring the psyches of those willing to risk their lives on a Mars mission

Hulu Original Castle Rock: Season One (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

A suspenseful but sometimes frustrating series inspired by noted author Stephen King

Hulu Originals Safe Harbour (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

A revenge-driven drama that rings true with today's international refugee crisis

Hulu Original The Handmaid’s Tale Season Two (TheaterByte TV Series Review)

Season 2 is a worthy sequel and more than piques our interest for a rumored Season 3

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