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Original Series (Streaming)

Black Narcissus (TV Series Review)

A buttoned-up remake of the classic 'Black Narcissus' in the form of a 3-episode series that portrays the physical and emotional struggle of English nuns to establish a school in a remote palace in the Himalayas.

Masterpiece: Flesh and Blood (TV Series Review)

A British psychological drama that finds three self-absorbed adult children having problems with their mother's remarriage to a man they suspect might have been involved with his late wife's death.

Netflix Original: Emily in Paris (TV Series Review)

A bubbly romantic-dramedy finds a young American woman who doesn't speak French joining a Parisian marketing firm and learning the language and culture as she goes along.

Hulu Original: Monsterland (TV Series Review)

A new horror anthology series from Hulu that probes the human condition, runs the gamut of emotions, and shows how love and loss can affect people for years.

Amazon Original: Utopia (TV Series Review)

A quirky dark sci-fi series headlined by John Cusack and Rainn Wilson but really carried by a brilliant young cast throws its proverbial hat into the pandemic ring.

Peacock Original Code 404: Season 1 (TV Series Review)

A dead cop brought back to life as AI tries hunts for his killer while dealing with his glitchy AI in this fun new Brit 'Peacock Original' half-hour series.

Netflix Original: Ratched (TV Series Review)

A stellar cast led by Sarah Paulson surmounts the typical AHS-type script of gratuitous blood and gore to deliver a story that oscillates between heartwarming and heartrending.

Netflix Original Away (TV Series Review)

Above average space opera has Hilary Swank trying to get her crew on Mars in spite of a host of inflight mishaps.

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