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Original Series (Streaming)

Peacock Network: The Capture (TV Series Review)

The subject of digital data manipulation for illicit purposes yields a tense thriller set in London about a veteran soldier fighting to clear his name of a murder he swears he didn't commit.

Brave New World (TV Series Review)

A disappointing yet visually stunning adaptation of Aldous Huxley's dystopian classic.

Midnight Diner: Seasons 1-3 (TV Series Review)

The three original seasons of this hit Japanese sit-com bring together a talented ensemble cast

Hollywood (Mini-Series Review)

Ryan Murphy and cast of veterans and newcomers deliver a compelling mini-series that will occasionally shock but mostly entertain its audience with a Hollwood that could have been.

Space Force (TV Series Review)

An uneven political satire with clearly contrived humorous moments that unlike its title frequently fails to launch.

ESPN Original The Last Dance (TV Series Review)

A sterling account of the Chicago Bulls' final championship season that makes all the shots.

Into the Night: Season One (TV Series Review)

Another solar flare-up wiping out Earth series that follows a motley crew of passengers on a hijacked plane fails as the sci-fi thriller it was intended to be.

Devs (TV Series Review)

A thought-provoking sci-fi series that examines the existential question of whether our fates are the results of our free will or whether every outcome is predetermined.

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