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TheaterByte’s 2018 Oscars Report

Who were the real winners and losers in this politically charged, post-me too Oscars ceremony?

The 2018 Oscars Nominees

TheaterByte weighs in on the Best Picture Oscars Nominees.

FCC Kills Net Neutrality — What Does it Mean For You?

Thanks to the tone deaf ruling by FCC your internet may be about to change forever -- and get much pricier.

TheaterByte’s 4K & Blu-ray Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Another year has passed and it’s time again to cast a seasonal spotlight upon our picks for some of the most giftable discs out there: 4K, Blu-ray and DVD.

The First Half: 2017’s Most Compelling Sets (So Far)

We’re only halfway done, but the year has already served up some amazing discs.

CES 2017 Highlights: Video and Audio Notes

Our very own Lawrence Devoe offers you highlights on his trip to that annual cathedral of technology, the 2017 CES.

TheaterByte’s Blu-ray Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

We have a round up of what we think are the best releases we could find for your gifting needs this holiday season.

TheaterByte’s Best Blu-ray Sets of 2016 (So Far)

Our own Chris Chiarella takes a look back at some of our favorite HD discs before we head into the holiday shopping frenzy.

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