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Rotel RMB-1585 Multichannel Amplifier Review

If I were starting my multichannel system all over again, the Rotel RMB-1585 would be a serious contender.

Rotel RSP-1570/RMB-1575 Surround Sound Processor/5 Channel Amplifier Review

The Rotel RSP-1570/RMB-1575 Surround Sound Processor/Five Channel Amplifier are a match made in heaven that offer flexible setup, superb performance with movie soundtracks, and enriching music playback that rivals more expensive preamps. The RSP-1570 lacks automatic setup/room correction, Dolby Volume and network connectivity which are features found in similar products at its price point. However the good outweighs the bad and enthusiasts who are searching for high quality sound, user friendly setup, and sturdy construction wrapped in an understated but elegant package that exudes class should head to the nearest Rotel dealer for an audition.

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