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Living: Jan Gunnar Hoff Blu-ray Audio Review

2L gives us another Hoff audio Blu-ray disc, this time as a solo pianist. The recording is superb and the music, most enjoyable.

Nodebog [Gorset & Friends] Blu-ray Audio Review

Nodebog is a well-played and beautifully recorded collection of 18th chamber music that would have graced the Norwegian salon of the period.

Hommage à Grieg: Vol. III [Dena Piano Duo] Blu-ray Audio Review

Duo piano recitals are rather infrequent and this BD makes one wish for more. The Dean Piano Duo offers a well-played recital of music connected with Norwegian music legend Edvard Grieg, both traditional and contemporary. A triumph for all forces concerned.

Fartein Valen: String Quartets [Hansakvartten] Blu-ray Audio Review

An interesting look at Fartein Valen, a 20th century composer not well known outside of his native Norway. This chamber work program is delivered in a well-recorded Blu-ray Disc by the Hansa Quartet, the current champions of Valen's work.

The Schubert Connection [Oslo String Quartet] Blu-ray Audio Review

2L gives us a wonderful account of string quartets by past masters Schubert and Grieg, cast in state-of-the-art sonics and interpreted by stellar musicians.

Eivind Buene: Possible Cities/Essential Landscapes Blu-ray Audio Review

A concert of contemporary music that will appeal to those with open minds and the willingness to forgo the conventions of traditional music.

Hoff Ensemble: Quiet Winter Night — An Acoustic Jazz Project Blu-ray Audio Review

An easy listening release of Norwegian jazz/new age, this disc will bring a refreshing sound to the ears.

TrondheimSolistene: Souvenir Blu-ray Audio Review

Souvenir is one of those delightful releases that reaffirm music-lovers' beliefs in the power of string chamber music to arouse and lift their souls.

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