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The Lobster (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Imagine a world where if you can’t find a partner in 45 days you will be changed into the animal of your choice. That’s what ‘The Lobster’ is all about.

Pretty in Pink: 30th Anniversary (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Molly Ringwald was the teen 'it' girl in the '80s and Pretty in Pink was one of her most iconic roles. You can catch it now, spruced up in Digital HD.

Deadpool (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Ryan Reynolds finally gets his first action movie with Marvel's R-rated 'Deadpool.'

Zoolander 2 (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Zoolander 2 is so bad that you’ll kick yourself for spending money, and time, seeing it.

How to be Single (TheaterByte Movie Review)

'How to be Single' is a romantic comedy that's not every romantic and not very funny.

Dirty Grandpa (2016) (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Robert DeNiro and Zac Effron get raunchy in this ill conceived comedy.

Saving Mr. Banks (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Saving Mr. Banks...is definitely a film for the whole family, as all Disney films are.

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