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Cruel Summer (TheaterByte Movie Review)

By addressing an issue that most filmmakers would avoid, this horror film proves more difficult to watch than it is horrifying.

The Accountant (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Ben Affleck makes being a math genius and bean counter sexy and a little bit dangerous in this latest crime thriller.

River (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Filmmaker Jamie M. Dagg offers up a chilling foreigner abroad thriller in his debut 'River'.

Special Correspondents (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Ricky Gervais misses with his uneven Netflix original comedy film, 'Special Correspondents' available now.

Private Property (4K Restoration) (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Leslie Stevens' forgotten 1960 psychosexual noir crime/drama 'Private Property' gets a sizzling 4K restoration and an opportunity for rediscovery courtesy of Cinelicious Pics.

Rushlights: New Unrated Director’s Cut (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Director's Antoni Stutz's 2013 Southern Noir 'Rushlights' is vastly improved in this new Unrated Directed Cut currently available on a number of streaming and VOD services.

Green Room (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Five members of a rock band find trouble in the most unexpected place in the new thriller ‘Green Room.’

Triple 9 (TheaterByte Movie Review)

'Triple 9' is the police officer code for the death of a policeman. It’s also the name of a new film about corruption in the police department.

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