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Shelley (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Despite a couple of missteps, brooding Scandinavian horror film 'Shelley' signals a promising start for young director Ali Abassi.

The Ones Below (TheaterByte Movie Review)

An expectant couple find their new neighbors aren't what they seem in this haunting update on the 'Rosemary's Baby' theme.

Cell (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Latest Stephen King adaptation 'Cell' skips theaters and goes straight to the internet, mainly because it's a not worth shelling out theater prices to see.

The Visit (TheaterByte Movie Review)

M. Night Shyamalan makes a visit to grandma's a scary proposition in atmospheric thriller 'The Visit.'

Emelie (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Sarah Bolger is an unhinged babysitter in Michael Thelin's atmospheric horror/thriller 'Emelie.'

The Invitation (TheaterByte Movie Review)

A 2015 indie film that had a limited initial screening at the South by Southwest Film Festival, The Invitation got onto some local big screens and the Amazon home film service April 8, 2016.

Green Room (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Five members of a rock band find trouble in the most unexpected place in the new thriller ‘Green Room.’

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