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Blow the Man Down (Movie Review)

Death and deceit in a small Maine fishing village wrapped in a murder mystery lace this successful feature-debut dark comedy from Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy.

Klute (1971) (Classic Film Review)

We explore this 1971 crime thriller that earned Jane Fonda a Best Actress award.

Horse Girl (Movie Review)

A disturbing film in which a young woman apparently descends into madness or does she?

Knives Out (Movie Review)

Contemporary version of the venerable murder mystery genre will delight audiences and provide many laugh-out-loud moments.

Netflix Original Fractured (Movie Review)

A tense thriller that finds a man on the verge of losing his mind when his family goes missing at a hospital where his daughter was being treated for a fractured arm.

Angel Heart (1987) (Classic Film Review)

Our latest classic film review from Marialena is of this visually stunning cult favorite supernatural neo-noir.

Netflix Original Murder Mystery (Movie Review)

A rather lame "we've seen all this before" reunites Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in a brainless mystery-comedy

The Dirty Kind (Movie Review)

The gritty side of Queens, NY is explored as a private eye searches for a missing woman who was intimately involved with a local politician in this strong indie film debut.

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