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Sputnik (Movie Review)

A well-crafted sci-fi/horror film that features a star Russian cosmonaut who gets infected by an alien creature

Made in Italy (Movie Review)

An enjoyable rom-com that joins Liam Neeson (Robert) and his son Micheal Richardson (Jack) as they search for closure after the loss of a wife and mother.

Prime Video Original Film: Radioactive (Movie Review)

A disappointing biopic of the trailblazing scientist Marie Curie

Netflix Original Film: Fatal Affair (Movie Review)

Essentially a remake of Fatal Attraction that falls short in its script and is a so very predictable stalker flick.

Ride Your Wave (Movie Review)

A brilliantly animated and heartfelt anime film that encompasses life, love, loss, determination, and the struggles of entering adulthood.

Naked (1993) (Classic Film Review)

Our latest classic film review is the 1993 gritty indie classic Naked.

Greyhound (Movie Review)

Apple's intensely-actioned big-budget acquisition finds Tom Hanks as the Captain of a WW II destroyer shepherding a convoy of allies across the North Atlantic.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Movie Review)

A madcap comedy that takes on the annual Eurovision contest and delivers lots of laugh-out-loud moments thanks to Will Ferrell.

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