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Netflix Original Film: Fatal Affair (Movie Review)

Essentially a remake of Fatal Attraction that falls short in its script and is a so very predictable stalker flick.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find (Movie Review)

A powerful, stylish, slow-burning, feminist revenge thriller has Sarah Bolger giving on one of her best performances.

We Summon the Darkness (Digital Movie Review)

Horror fans will find a lot to like in the way this film plays with the usual tropes and '80s horror cliches, but it is ultimately uneven in its direction and mood.

Seberg (Movie Review)

Kirsten Stewart does her best with a rather mediocre script and at least makes a case for exploring Jean Seberg's extensive filmography.

The Man Standing Next (Movie Review)

The political intrigue around the 1979 assassination of South Korean dictator Park is retold in this sometimes slow but still gripping thriller.

Westworld (1973) (Classic Film Review)

Our latest deep-dive into classic film is the groundbreaking 1973, Michael Crichton sci-fi classic 'Westworld'.

A White, White Day (Movie Review)

A riveting, slow-burning Scandi-noir about love, grief, and obsession.

Blow the Man Down (Movie Review)

Death and deceit in a small Maine fishing village wrapped in a murder mystery lace this successful feature-debut dark comedy from Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy.

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