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Blackalicious: 4/20 — Live in Seattle Blu-ray Review

Blackalicious are masters of the funky rhyme, but this Blu-ray release's poor sound and average video quality does them no justice.

Mike Stern Band: New Morning — The Paris Concert Blu-ray Review

This Mike Stern Band performance at Paris' New Morning is another fine Blu-ray presentation from the folks at Inakustik and the music is skillfully performed as well.

Stanley Jordan Trio: New Morning — The Paris Concert Blu-ray Review

This concert video release of Stanley Jordan Trio from Inakustik is filled with absolutely A+ Jazz that no music lover should miss.

Yellowstone: Battle for Life Blu-ray Review

BBC release yet another compelling high definition nature documentary with this three-part series documenting the harsh struggle for survival in the world's first national park.

Lark Rise to Candleford: The Complete Series One [UK Import] Blu-ray Review

With Lark Rise to Candleford: The Complete Series One, the BBC bring yet another fully engrossing costume drama to television, but the lackluster sound and 1080i encoding in this Blu-ray release mar the obviously meticulous production.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Blu-ray Review

The first of David Tennant's last four appearances as The Doctor arrives on Blu-ray in a pleasant if underwhelming Doctor Who special from the BBC.

Torchwood: Children of Earth Blu-ray Review

Torchwood's darkest and briefest season comes to Blu-ray with a strong, reference quality 1080i release from the BBC.

Shark Week: The Great Bites Collection Blu-ray Review

Discovery Channel's popular Shark Week arrives in the form of an unimpressive Blu-ray release that will appeal to fans of this genre of wild animals attacking.

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