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The Wild Goose Lake (Blu-ray Review)

On all points a mildly subversive, wildly stylistic, and violent instant genre classic that overwhelms the senses with color, mood, and a slow-burning sense of dread.

Takeshi Kitano Collection (UK) (Blu-ray Review)

Three early and stunning yakuza films from the Japanese auteur Takeshi Kitano are offered up in a wonderful Blu-ray collection from BFI.

The Man Standing Next (Movie Review)

The political intrigue around the 1979 assassination of South Korean dictator Park is retold in this sometimes slow but still gripping thriller.

Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain (Eureka Classics) (Blu-ray Review)

A stunning restoration of this early 1980s Tsui Hark martial arts classic.

Kwaidan (Masters of Cinema) [UK] Blu-ray Review

A masterpiece anthology of four Japanese ghost tales by the director Kobayashi Masaki is a study in color and cinematography.

Parasite (Blu-ray Review)

This Oscar-winner is definitely Ho Bong Joon's best film to date and a great watch on Blu-ray.

Ringu Collection (Blu-ray Review)

The original 1998 J-horror film about a vengeful ghost and a deadly videotape that started the international genre craze gets a brand new 4K restoration.

Three Films with Sammo Hung [Eureka] (Blu-ray Review)

Three classic Sammo Hung kung-fu films arrive in stunning new restorations courtesy of Eureka Entertainment

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