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Ghost in the Shell (TheaterByte Movie Review)

The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of this anime classic is finally here, but the film's reliance on visual effects misses the anime's philosophical questioning and therefore somewhat disappoints.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

A philosophical masterpiece that holds up favorably to the first Ghost in the Shell, this new reissue from Funimation is satisfying and well rendered even if barebones.

Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis [UK] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

This 15-year-old pivotal anime classic still retains its ability to grab you with its awesome visual elements and gripping emotional weight.

Psycho-Pass 2: Season 2 (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

'Psycho-Pass 2' takes this series into darker, more visceral territory helping to solidify it as one of the better new cyberpunk franchises to come along since 'Ghost in the Shell.'

009 Re:Cyborg Blu-ray Review

A team of cyborgs have to save the world from terrorists trying to destabilize global society in 009 Re:Cyborg.

Psycho-Pass: Complete First Season Premium Edition (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

'Psycho-Pass' is a mesmerizing and thought provoking cyberpunk anime series reminiscent of 'Ghost in the Shell'

Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

Cyberpunk anime classic Akira arrives on Blu-ray with hi-res Japanese & English 5.1 audio for its 25th anniversary

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