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Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler [Masters of Cinema] [UK] Blu-ray Review

Fritz Lang's silent era crime epic arrives in its full version with a beautiful new restoration on Blu-ray

Ministry of Fear [Criterion Collection] Blu-ray Review

A classic WW II film noir, the Criterion Collection gives us one of Fritz Lang's spy thrillers with decent remastering and a good period cast. If not at the top of the heap for this genre, it remains an engaging watch.

Die Nibelungen [Masters of Cinema] [UK] Blu-ray Review

Heroic quests, castles, dragons, magnificent visuals and an evocative romantic score define Fritz Lang's 1924 two-part silent fantasy classic Die Nibelungen.

Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse [Masters of Cinema] [UK] Blu-ray Review

Fritz Lang's crime/thriller masterpiece, Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse, anticipated the coming horrors of the the Nazi regime, and found itself banned by Goebbels, but you can watch it in all its glory with a fine Blu-ray rendering from Eureka.

Metropolis: Reconstructed and Restored [Masters of Cinema][UK] Blu-ray Review

The 1929 Fritz Lang sci-fi classic is finally reconstructed to its full length and given a brand new 2010 recording of the Gottfried Huppertz score.

Frtiz Lang’s Metropolis Headed to UK Shelves in Three Versions

Eureka Video have announced they will be releasing the Fritz Lang sci-fi classic Metropolis in the UK in three separate versions this holiday season.

Le Mépris [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

The price of Hollywood, the price of being a god, the dissolution of love -- it's Godard's most traditional narrative, but "traditional" doesn't mean banal when it comes to Godard, the complex emotional and symbolic layers of Le Mépris and its leading actress Brigitte Bardot.

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