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Goodfellas 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Scorsese's blood-soaked crime world tale Goodfellas gets a beautiful 4K restoration on Blu-ray for its 25th anniversary from Warner Bros.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) Blu-ray 3D Review

A few previous featurettes have gone missing, but this superior extended version of Desolation of Smaug and the over 9-hours of HD extras make this 5-disc set a must have collection.

The Frank Darabont Blu-ray Collection in Early 2015

The Frank Darabont Blu-ray Collection, scheduled for February 2015, includes the Blu-ray debut of The Majestic.

Audrey Hepburn Collection Blu-ray Review

The Audrey Hepburn Collection offers a trio of some of Hepburn's best roles, lovingly restored at a real bargain.

The Originals: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Review

Juicy Vampire Diaries spinoff may keep teen girls swooning, but The Originals is more Shakespearean tragedy than Twilight melodrama.

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume Three Blu-ray Review

Wascally Wabbit Bugs Bunny anchors a great collection of classic Looney Tunes theatrical shorts

Elvis: That’s the Way it Is (Two-Disc Special Edition) Blu-ray Book Review

Elvis has arrived in this beautiful Blu-ray Book edition of the 2000 re-release version of his classic concert film That's the Way it Is.

300: Rise of an Empire (Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D Review)

300: Rise of an Empire updates the 300 style and includes standout performances from Eva Green and Lena Headey for an okay popcorn flick.

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