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Samurai Bride: Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

The beautiful and buxom Master Samurai girls are back for another round of funny, cutting edge animation in Samurai Bride on Blu-ray

Little Busters!: Season One — Collection Two (Episodes 14-26) Blu-ray Review

The second collection of Little Busters! improves an anime series that's a little hard to pin down

Seven Warriors Blu-ray Review

A Seven Samurai remake from 1989, Seven Warriors is a fun martial arts romp

Appleseed XIII — Tartaros and Ouranos Blu-ray Review

Summarized film versions of Appleseed XIII series make for a bland experience

To Love Ru: Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

To Love Ru is a cute but uneven series hampered further by a less than stellar transfer to Blu-ray

Girls und Panzer: Complete OVA Series Blu-ray Review

These Girls und Panzer OVAs are fun, but their brief runtimes and omission of the tank battles makes them more suitable as supplements.

Psycho-Pass: Complete First Season Premium Edition (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

'Psycho-Pass' is a mesmerizing and thought provoking cyberpunk anime series reminiscent of 'Ghost in the Shell'

Love, Election and Chocolate: Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

Love, Election and Chocolate offers a refreshing take on the high school/teen romance/comedy genre of anime

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The Wonderland (Blu-ray Review)

This Miyazaki-inspired fantasy doesn't hit the emotional weight of the master, but is still visually stunning and great fun for the family.

Netflix Original: Rebecca (Movie Review)

While this new version of 'Rebecca' is a fairly faithful adaptation of the du Maurier novel, it conveys very little of the Gothic horror that made the original film so completely chilling.

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