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Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Blu-ray Review

Fluffy is back as funny man Gabriel Iglesias returns with a new, highly recommended special, from Hawaii.

Tosh.0 Deep V’s Blu-ray Review

Tosh.0 is not for everyone, but if you find yourself routinely watching his weekly collection of skits, this Volume 2 just may warrant a spot in your collection.

Key & Peele: Season One Blu-ray Review

Paramount has brought the funny, witty humor of duo Key & Peele to Blu-ray via the First Season of their Comedy Central series.

Lewis Black: In God We Rust Blu-ray Review

Lewis Black gives a typically edgy, controversial, and totally laugh out loud funny stand-up performance in Minneapolis that is captured in this uncensored release from Comedy Central.

Tosh.O: Hoodies Blu-ray Review

Tosh's unique style of comedy isn't for everyone, but for those who like it, the first 10 episodes of Season One are now on Blu-ray courtesy of Paramount.

Workaholics: Seasons 1 & 2 Combo Doggy Blu-ray Review

The first two seasons of Comedy Central's crude comedy for the Millennials arrives in a feature rich Blu-ray set.

South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season Blu-ray Review

Featuring tons of laughs, all at the expense of current topics, South Park's 15th Season is on Blu-ray from Paramount.

South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season Blu-ray Review

Journey to the lewd and crude world of South Park once again in the Fourteenth Season of this animated favorite from Comedy Central on Blu-ray.

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