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Why Don’t You Play in Hell? Blu-ray Review

A group of devoted filmmakers is caught up in the clash of two rival yakuza clans in this over-the-top comedy crime thriller from writer/director Sono Sion.

The Congress Blu-ray Review

The Congress is a hallucinatory dark sci-fi satire of the entertainment industry from the director of Waltz with Bashir.

Mood Indigo Blu-ray Review

Michel Gondry's visually inventive Mood Indigo is arguably his best effort since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Nothing Bad Can Happen Blu-ray Review

Nothing Bad Can Happen is a gripping psychological thriller from debut feature filmmaker Katrin Gebbe.

The Act of Killing Blu-ray Review

The Act of Killing is a chilling documentary on humanity's propensity for killing and cruelty.

Miami Connection Blu-ray Review

Get a major dose of 1980s B-movie cheese in this so bad it's laughably good martial arts cult classic, complete with bad grindhouse transfer from Drafthouse Films.

The Ambassador Blu-ray Review

Danish filmmaker Mads Brügger's "performative journalism" makes for an entertaining documentary about the corrupt blood diamond trade with its cutting wit and satire.

Bullhead Blu-ray Review

Drafthouse Films does it again with the superb, Bullhead, an Oscar-nominated Belgian crime drama that is a slow-burning character study and exploration of gender identity.

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