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12 Monkeys: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Review)

With gorgeous cinematography, solid visual effects, and writing that got better every season over its four-season run, this '12 Monkeys' adaptation is a sure cult classic for genre fans.

‘The Contractor’ and ‘The Fan’ (Double Feature) (Blu-ray Review)

Neither of these Snipes vehicles is without flaws, but they pair well together for an afternoon of popcorn thrills in this barebones double feature combo.

The Mindy Project (The Complete Series) (Blu-ray Review)

Mill Creek offers up a great way to binge-watch this intelligent and funny sitcom from Mindy Kaling in the best quality available.

Ultraman: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Review)

The newer production from NetFlix it could never touch the camp of this original 1972 Japanese series.

Ultra Q: Complete Series (Blu-ray Review)

This classic kaiju series has been newly remastered from Mill Creek and looks fantasic.

Anaconda (Blu-ray Review)

This film certainly was never any sort of Oscar contender but it was and is good fun

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