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Fame (1980) Blu-ray Review

The original early-80s musical phenomenon arrives on Blu-ray with a solid 1080p VC-1 effort from Warner. Avoid the 2009 remake and give this a viewing if you want to see what the real fuss is about.

Fame (2009): Extended Dance Edition Blu-ray Review

Not even an "Extended Dance Edition" and excellent reference-quality DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack can rescue this exceedingly dull bandwagon-hopping remake of the 1980 original.

Permissive [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

The British Film Institute's latest Blu-ray release in their Flipside series of forgotten and obscure cinema is a gritty and melancholic time capsule of the world of rock and roll groupies in the early-1970s.

Gimme Shelter [The Criterion Collection] Blu-ray Review

"If I don't get some shelter, lord I'm gonna fade away!" It may be the greatest rock and roll documentary ever and it arrives on Blu-ray in a reference quality release from The Criterion Collection

Monsoon Wedding [The Criterion Collection] Blu-ray Review

Funny, romantic, heartbreaking, beautifully filmed and acted, Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding captures modern India superbly and it is rendered here nicely in another solid effort from The Criterion Collection.

A Hard Day’s Night [Canadian Release] Blu-ray Review

A Hard Day's Night is a great way to spend time with The Beatles, but this 1080i transfer from Alliance is hardly a definitive edition.

Hannah Montana the Movie Blu-ray Review

Walt Disney's pop star with the identity crisis arrives on Blu with a solid 1080p transfer and a hefty addition of bonus features that should keep her young fans entertained for several hours.

Grease Blu-ray Review

Grease is the word and it's rockin' its way onto Blu-ray Disc, but is the transfer up to the task of capturing the spectacle that is this classic musical?

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