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John Ford: Dreaming The Quiet Man Blu-ray Review

A well-crafted documentary that looks at the life of the famous film director through the device of one of his best films.

Kiss Me, Stupid Blu-ray Review

Director Billy Wilder takes a great ensemble through its paces and delivers a very clever and enjoyable film.

Psych-Out Blu-ray Review

This is one pretty lame ‘60s film that makes you wonder why American International Pictures bothered in the first place.

Fugly! Blu-ray Review

A talented cast gets taken down by a weak script and disappointing story line in this average rom-com.

Convicts Blu-ray Review

Horton Foote's Convicts does not compare to To Kill a Mockingbird, but this story of coming of age and the downtrodden still provides many powerful moments.

Chattahoochee Blu-ray Review

A Korean War vet suffers from PTSD in this late '80s drama that gets a revival on Blu-ray from Olive Films.

A Hole in the Head Blu-ray Review

A dated film with '50s stereotypes and a hokey script is largely redeemed by young Eddie Hodges's sparkling cinematic debut.

1969 Blu-ray Review

1969 is a vacuous anti-war film that is undermined by weaknesses of plot, script, and direction.

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