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The Wild Angels Blu-ray Review

The motorcycle gang movie was a frozen-in-aspic cinematic genre that passed its sell by date many years ago and The Wild Angels definitely feels dated.

Pork Chop Hill Blu-ray Review

Pork Chop Hill is the quintessential "war is hell" film that conveys the brutal nature of warfare with graphic depictions of death and destruction.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover Blu-ray Review

This racy rendition of D.H. Lawrence's controversial novel receives sensual cinematography that leaves literally nothing to the imagination.

King Blu-ray Review

King gives us a most human portrayal of a man who changed society and it was one of the most powerful mini-series to come along in many years.

Beach Blanket Bingo Blu-ray Review

One of the several American International Pictures "beach" movies that provides for a modicum of listening and viewing pleasure.

How to Murder Your Wife Blu-ray Review

Well established stars mesh perfectly with an Italian newcomer is this swinging '60s romantic comedy

La Belle Captive Blu-ray Review

A sensuous and erotic film, director Robbe-Grillet keeps viewers off balance by blurring the domains of time and the line between reality and fantasy.

Track the Man Down Blu-ray Review

Track the Man Down is a classic British crime drama with a very dark plot, periodically lightened up by some comic relief, and bolstered by a strong cast.

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