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The Weapon (1956) Blu-ray Review

The Weapon is a tense British thriller that uses London as the atmospheric backdrop to its many plot twists and turns.

Woman They Almost Lynched Blu-ray Review

A B-western in the best Hollywood tradition that receives a great restoration and generates enough suspense to keep viewers on the edges of their seats.

World for Ransom Blu-ray Review

World for Ransom is a fairly lame Cold War film noir that was shot on a very low budget and definitely looks the part.

Appointment with Danger (1951) Blu-ray Review

A classic film noir with taut direction and an excellent cast make for a suspenseful and enjoyable watch.

Union Station (1950) Blu-ray Review

A strong cast headed by William Holden and Barry Fitzgerald delivers a suspenseful film noir that grips viewers tightly to the very end.

Such Good Friends Blu-ray Review

Such Good Friends is a swinging 1970s film that probes personal relationships via a splendid cast, screenplay, score, and cinematography.

Skidoo Blu-ray Review

An inane effort to assimilate some of the greatest comedic talents of the era into the psychedelic flower power 1960s scene.

Hurry Sundown Blu-ray Review

A ponderous and dated treatment of racism in the Post-WW II South, a strong cast cannot overcome a lackluster screenplay and Otto Preminger's rather listless direction.

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