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Romantic Comedy

Musicals: 4-Movie Collection (The Band Wagon/Calamity Jane/Kiss Me Kate/Singin’ in the Rain) Blu-ray Review

Warner Bros. delve into their vast archive of classic Hollywood musicals and give us four Golden Age films that receive outstanding restoration of sight and sound.

Kiss Me, Stupid Blu-ray Review

Director Billy Wilder takes a great ensemble through its paces and delivers a very clever and enjoyable film.

Fugly! Blu-ray Review

A talented cast gets taken down by a weak script and disappointing story line in this average rom-com.

A Hole in the Head Blu-ray Review

A dated film with '50s stereotypes and a hokey script is largely redeemed by young Eddie Hodges's sparkling cinematic debut.

How to Murder Your Wife Blu-ray Review

Well established stars mesh perfectly with an Italian newcomer is this swinging '60s romantic comedy

Maid Sama!: Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

A tough as nails student body president's embarrassing after school job at a maid cafe is uncovered by the cool school heart throb in this rom-com series Maid Sama!

Magic in the Moonlight Blu-ray Review

Woody Allen's latest film Magic in the Moonlight is missing some of the charm and power that has defined his late career work, but it still pleasant viewing.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Collection 1(Episodes 1-12) Blu-ray Review

A misfit is tasked with the care of an artistic genius who is only good at one thing -- her art -- in this unusual, but fun to watch anime series.

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