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Bleach: Vol. 02 (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Of all the paranormal action series, 'Bleach' is arguably one of the most mature and finely balanced -- this second volume of the classic series makes its case for that argument.

Sailor Moon S: Season 3 Part 1 (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Arguably the best season of the 'Sailor Moon' franchise, how does the first part of 'S' hold up after all these years with its new English dub in tow?

Death Note: The Omega Edition (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Groundbreaking anime series 'Death Note' hits Blu-ray in a feature-packed "Omega Edition" from Viz Media.

Sailor Moon R: Season 2 — Part 2 Blu-ray Review

Part 2 of Sailor Moon R arrives on Blu-ray Combo Pack from Viz Media.

Sailor Moon R: Season 2 — Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray Review

Sailor Moon R: Season 2 -- Part 1 is available in a limited edition set from Viz Media.

Ranma 1/2: Set 6 (Special Edition) Blu-ray Review

Viz Media continues their fantastic roll out of Ranma 1/2 with Set 6 on Blu-ray.

InuYasha The Final Act: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

The Inuyasha saga comes to its conclusion in The Final Act out on Blu-ray from Viz Media.

Ranma 1/2: Set 5 Blu-ray Review

Still funny, still sweet, and still unorthodox, Set 5 of Ranma 1/2 from Viz Media is gorgeous on Blu-ray.

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