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Denon AVR-3312CI AirPlay Audio-Video Receiver Review

Denon delivers an audio/video receiver that handles about every audio and video source on the planet. The AVR-3312CI will fill the bill for home theater enthusiasts just fine.

Toshiba BDX5200 (BDX5200KU) Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray Player Review

The Toshiba BDX5200 works out some of the kinks that appeared in the BDX3000 we reviewed some time ago, but although it offers strong performance as an entry-level 3D Blu-ray player, it still has some issues that leave it a somewhat frustrating player to use.

Denon DBP-1611UD Universal Blu-ray 3D Player Review

We put Denon's new entry-level Universal 3D Blu-ray/DVD/SACD/DVD-A/CD player to the test to see if it is worth the hefty $399 price tag.

Rotel RSP-1570/RMB-1575 Surround Sound Processor/5 Channel Amplifier Review

The Rotel RSP-1570/RMB-1575 Surround Sound Processor/Five Channel Amplifier are a match made in heaven that offer flexible setup, superb performance with movie soundtracks, and enriching music playback that rivals more expensive preamps. The RSP-1570 lacks automatic setup/room correction, Dolby Volume and network connectivity which are features found in similar products at its price point. However the good outweighs the bad and enthusiasts who are searching for high quality sound, user friendly setup, and sturdy construction wrapped in an understated but elegant package that exudes class should head to the nearest Rotel dealer for an audition.

Denon DBP-2010CI Blu-ray Player Review

Denon offers up an all-business Blu-ray player. We put it to the test and consider how it stacks up against the performance and slew of features on the newest Blu-ray players.

LG BD570 WiFi Network Blu-ray Disc Player Review

LG brings Wi-Fi plus a host of streaming services to Blu-ray playback, can it deliver the goods?

THIEL SCS4 Loudspeakers Review

Respected American speaker manufacturer THIEL tackles front/center/surround bookshelf units. We sit down to listen and see if their sound matches up to the good looks.

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