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Schumann: The Three String Quartets [Ying Quartet] Blu-ray Audio Review

Pure Audio Blu-ray premiere of the complete Schumann string quartets brilliantly performed by Yinq Quartet.

Eliesha Nelson: Permutations Blu-ray Audio Review

Ms. Nelson delivers an excellent recital disc that pushes the envelope for solo viola with challenging 20th century American works.

Raffi Besalyan: The Return Blu-ray Audio Review

Pianist Raffi Besalyan delivers a virtuosic recital of Rachmaninoff and Babajanian miniatures in hi-res Blu-ray Audio

Los Angeles Percussion Quartet: The Year Before Yesterday Blu-ray Audio Review

The Los Angeles Percussion Quartet's new Blu-ray Audio from Sono Luminus, The Year Before Yesterday, is a performance tour de force by this preeminent performing group.

Inscape: American Aggregate Blu-ray Audio Review

Inscape continues its successful run with another program of innovative American music that displays the virtuosity of this chamber ensemble

Fairouz: Poems and Prayers [UCLA Philharmonia, et. al./Stulberg] Blu-ray Audio Review

Songs and Prayers, available now on Blu-ray Audio from Sono Luminus, is an incredibly moving and temporally apt choral symphony that speaks to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Zoforbit: A Space Odyssey [ZOFO] Blu-ray Audio Review

Duo-pianists create a huge soundscape of 20th century galactic music on the Zoforbit Blu-ray Audio from Sono Luminus

Sculthorpe: The Complete String Quartets with Didjeridu [Del Sol Quartet/Kent] Blu-ray Audio Review

One of Australia's leading composers is well represented in a unique collection of string quartets plus aboriginal instrument didjeridu that makes a strong case for human rights and man's inhumanity to man.

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