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Logan’s Run (1976) (Classic Film Review)

Our latest delve into the classic is with this 1976 sci-fi thriller that was a major influence on Michael Bay's 2005 big-budget sci-fi spectacle 'The Island'.

Klute (1971) (Classic Film Review)

We explore this 1971 crime thriller that earned Jane Fonda a Best Actress award.

The Godfather: Part III (1990) (Classic Film Review)

Marialena brings her exploration of Coppola's sprawling crime family saga to a close with the controversial third and final entry in the triptych.

The Godfather Part II (1974)(Classic Film Review)

Marialena continues her exploration of Coppola's epic trilogy with 'The Godfather: Part II'.

The Godfather (1972) (Classic Film Review)

Marialena takes a look at Francis Ford Coppola's epic mafia drama in this classic film review of The Godfather I

Playtime (1967) (Classic Film Review)

In our latest classic film review, Marialena dissects Tati's classic 'Playtime' and gives her thoughts on the good and the bad of it.

The Parallax View (1974) (Classic Film Review)

We tackle this complex Watergate-era political thriller in our latest classic film review.

Angel Heart (1987) (Classic Film Review)

Our latest classic film review from Marialena is of this visually stunning cult favorite supernatural neo-noir.

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