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Body Heat (1982) (Classic Film Review)

In her latest classic film review for TheaterByte Marialena visits the sweltering Florida heat this 1981 neo-noir crime/drama from Lawrence Kasdan

A Record of Sweet Murder (Movie Review)

A brutal and kinetically-injected "found footage" horror film dealing in the violence of humans more than the supernatural.

Netflix Original Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Movie Review)

A dark docudrama that features Zac Efron's stunning portrait of psychopathic serial killer Ted Bundy

Into The Dark: All That We Destroy (Film Review)

A considerably improved installment in the 'Into The Dark' anthology series that poses some questions about what makes us human

Netflix Original The Highwaymen (Movie Review)

Netflix revives the legend of Bonnie and Clyde from the perspective of the two former Texas Rangers that took to the highway and eventually tracked them down.

The Dirty Kind (Movie Review)

The gritty side of Queens, NY is explored as a private eye searches for a missing woman who was intimately involved with a local politician in this strong indie film debut.

Netflix Original Triple Frontier (Movie Review)

A disappointing action flick that features a daring heist and subsequent fight for survival in hostile terrain.

Netflix Original Velvet Buzzsaw (TheaterByte Movie Review)

Dan Gilroy has crafted a dark satire, replete with horror-film elements, on the Los Angeles contemporary art world

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