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The History of the World in Two Hours Blu-ray 3D Review

The History Channel tackles 13.7 billion years of history in just under 90-minutes in this entertaining, but casual, look at the history of the world.

WWII in 3D Blu-ray Review

This WW II documentary offers up newly restored stereographic photographs and 3D film footage taken by the Nazis and watching it is almost like stepping through a time machine.

IRT: Deadliest Roads — Season One Blu-ray Review

Ice Road Truckers series spins off to one of the Deadliest Roads in the world high in Himalayas for a death defying reality series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Universe Mega Collection Blu-ray Review

Explore the universe with The History Channel's Universe Mega Collection on Blu-ray.

Gangland: The Final Season Blu-ray Review

Take a peek from behind your safely gated community at the criminal underbelly of American society with this voyeuristic look at gangs from The History Channel.

Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season Four Blu-ray Review

Watch these truckers brave Alaska's treacherous conditions and give yourself a vicarious thrill in The History Channel's Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season Four on Blu-ray.

How the Earth Was Made: The Complete Season Two Blu-ray Review

The History Channel's second season of How the Earth Was Made makes geology exciting and easy to understand for the layperson.

The Universe: The Complete Season Five Blu-ray Review

The Universe doesn't seem as vast in this Season Five release that retreads a lot of familiar territory and leaves off any extras, but its still a highly informative and intriguing series that science fans will love.

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