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Win a Copy of 14 Blades on Blu-ray Disc

Enter now for a chance to win a copy of the martial arts adventure 14 Blades on Blu-ray Disc

Blade of Kings Blu-ray Review

Over-the-top, laughable, yet still kind of enjoyable, Blade of Kings, the latest Blu-ray from Well Go USA, arrives with a fine V/A presentation.

Blade of Kings Blu-ray Review

Reasonably enjoyable martial arts adventure with appearances by some legends of the field, Blade of Kings is definitely worth a rental by fans of the genre.

An Empress and the Warriors Blu-ray Review

Some of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema appear this mildly enjoyable and lavishly filmed epic that shows up on Blu-ray with a strong AVC video encoding, but disappointing lossy Dolby Digital soundtracks that forgo the original Cantonese for Mandarin and English dubs.

Iron Monkey Blu-ray Review

Iron Monkey is like Robin Hood goes to China with kung fu instead of bows and arrows.

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