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Film Noir

Cloak and Dagger (Masters of Cinema) (Blu-ray Review)

A cool film-noir thriller hamstrung by the wider political sentiments of its time and studio system politics

Human Desire [Masters of Cinema] (Blu-ray Review)

A pulpy 1954 film-noir outing from famed auteur Fritz Lang

Notorious [Criterion Collection] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Criterion Collection's new restoration of Hitchcock's dazzling dark-romance noir is a must-see release

Bound [Olive Signature] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Olive Signature offers up a beautiful new HD transfer of neo-noir thriller Bound with a bevvy of special features

No Way Out [Masters of Cinema] (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz's seething post-war noir about racism, class, and violence gets a satisfying Masters of Cinema release from Eureka Entertainment.

Baby Driver (TheaterByte 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

A great neo-noir thriller with an outstanding cast, fabulous soundtrack and a well-paced, edgy script that is as pure a car chase film we've seen since 'Bullitt'.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (TheaterByte 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

A sci-fi classic film receives a marvelous Ultra HD makeover and arrives chockfull of terrific extras.

Black Butterfly (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

This story about a screenwriter seeking solitude in the mountains offers up a taut, suspenseful thriller full of twists with a strong cast.

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