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Julia’s Eyes [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

This Guillermo Del Toro produced horror/thriller offers up a good scare for the first two acts and a bit of disappointing finale, but the Blu-ray release from Optimum is pure home theatre heaven.

Whisky Galore! [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

This classic Ealing Studios post-war comedy is given a nice spruce up on Blu-ray and ready to grace the shelves of cinephiles.

The Lavender Hill Mob: 60th Anniversary Edition [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

A classic British madcap crime caper, directed by Charles Crichton, who would go on to direct another such film, A Fish Called Wanda, The Lavender Hill Mob arrives in a wonderfully spruced up and feature rich 60th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition from Optimum Home Entertainment.

Don’t Look Now [UK Release] Bluy-ray Review

Nic Roeg's visionary horror film, Don't Look Now, arrives on Blu-ray with a director-approved transfer and a good amount of new extras from the folks at Optimum.

The Cruel Sea [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

This 1953 classic about the battle in the North Atlantic arrives on Blu-ray with a competent AVC transfer from Optimum's Classic label and is a worthy addition to any library of war film fans.

Biutiful [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

Biutiful is a wonderfully complex human drama from the director of Babel and 21 Grams. It comes to Blu-ray from Optimum Home Entertainment looking nicely cinematic.

My Neighbours the Yamadas [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

This quaint animated look at the everyday ups and downs of a middle class Japanese family from Studio Ghibli and director Isao Takahata comes to Blu-ray looking superb.

I Saw the Devil [UK Release] Blu-ray Review

This involving and violent Korean crime thriller looks great in its Blu-ray release from Optimum.

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