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Possessor Uncut (Blu-ray Review)

A stylish and visceral horror thriller from Brandon Cronenberg follows an assassin who possesses people's minds to carry out her kills.

Chernobyl (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review)

The account of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Ukraine, Soviet Union, and the subsequent health and political fallout is told in five gripping episodes.

The Strangers (Limited Edition) [UK] (Blu-ray Review)

A feature-rich limited edition from Second Sight of this suspenseful and thrilling 2008 debut from writer/director Bryan Bertino.

Shudder Original: Z (Blu-ray Review)

An enjoyable horror film with legitimate scares, a tense atmosphere, and slick production values on an ‘indie’ budget.

The Wild Goose Lake (Blu-ray Review)

On all points a mildly subversive, wildly stylistic, and violent instant genre classic that overwhelms the senses with color, mood, and a slow-burning sense of dread.

The Hunt (Blu-ray Review)

The 'libs' are bad and the 'deplorables' good in this heavy-handed, political horror/thriller about a literal human hunt, where the action is great but the commentary too in-your-face.

‘The Contractor’ and ‘The Fan’ (Double Feature) (Blu-ray Review)

Neither of these Snipes vehicles is without flaws, but they pair well together for an afternoon of popcorn thrills in this barebones double feature combo.

Revenge: Limited Edition (UK) (Blu-ray Review)

A suspenseful and brutal feminist revenge thriller finds a woman refusing to be a victim and turning her assaulters into the hunted.

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