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Ironclad: Battle for Blood Blu-ray Review

A violent yet boring sequel to the 2011 original, Ironclad: Battle for Blood is an unnecessary follow-up that can be skipped.

The Machine Blu-ray Review

The Machine is a slick looking indie flick that is a bit uneven but a good way to pass the time if you're a sci-fi fan

CBGB Blu-ray Review

CBGB offers a look at the famous NYC music club in the halcyon days of punk and new wave with a comedic edge and stellar soundtrack

Under the Bed Blu-ray Review

Under the Bed, an homage to the youth horror films of the 80s, misses the mark

Storm Surfers Blu-ray 3D Review

The awesome surfing documentary, Storm Surfers 3D, arrives on Blu-ray 3D/2D, and is every bit as enjoyable at home as it was in theatres.

American Mary Blu-ray Review

"Twisted Twins" Jen and Sylvia Soska return with an average slasher flick that covers the same ground as many female revenge films before it

Storm Surfers 3D (2013) (Movie Review)

This entry into the surfing documentary genre offers a humorous buddy road trip, death defying surfing stunts, and exhilarating 3D imagery.

Thale Blu-ray Review

Thale is a fairly well executed Norwegian fantasy-thriller based in old Nordic folklore that is at least worthy of a rental for fans of the genre.

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