About Sam Scamardo

Sam Scamardo has a passion for both music and home theater. Prior professions include designing custom home theaters and audio equipment sales. Sam is also involved with beta testing new CE equipment for manufacturers. Although enjoying both, stereo and multichannel music are his biggest love. Sam ensures his video playback is of reference quality for the bounty of recent Blu-ray releases.

Sam Scamardo’s Review Reference System:

  • Pioneer PRO-151FD 60″ 1080p plasma (ISF calibrated)
  • Denon AVP-A1HDCI(A) processor
  • McIntosh MC-402 stereo amp
  • Sony TA-N9000ES five channel amp
  • OPPO BDP-83SE Blu-ray player
  • Logitech Transporter network music player
  • B&W Nautilus 802 front speakers
  • B&W Nautilus HTM1 center speaker
  • B&W Nautilus 804 surround speakers
  • M&K MX-350THX subwoofer
  • SVS AS-EQ1 Audyssey sub EQ