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Aurora Snow’s Shameless: Season 4: Ep. 2: “My Oldest Daughter” Review


“My Oldest Daughter”

If you’ve put your time in as a parent and done at least an average job raising your children, chances are your kids will return that kindness as you age. It’s part of the karmic circle, give what you hope to receive. In Frank Gallagher’s case that translates to nothing. If anything he’s had a negative impact on his kids lives, being an absentee father might have been kinder (but far less entertaining). Yet in his dying days it’s his kids he looks to for salvation.

With a blind childish love for his father Carl sets out to find Frank new liver. Reasoning with him is pointless all he sees is his dying dad, he doesn’t see the self centered substance abusing bum everyone else does. Starved for attention and desperate for guidance while in the throes of puberty Carl’s dad is a gold mine. Frank is too sick to do anything but be a needy ailing parent, so it’s a win-win for both of them.

Meanwhile Lip can’t seem to adjust to his new environment. Now that he’s in college he’ll have to study or face flunking out fast. Still operating with his hood rat mentality, Lip’s priorities are getting high and getting laid. He’s hot for his tutor, just not smart enough to satisfy her… yet. Once the smartest kid on the block, he never had to study, aced all of his tests without cracking a book – Lip was a big fish in a small pond. Bet he misses home.

As her personal and professional lives collide Fiona is experiencing her own mini-crisis. She loves her job, the perks are amazing, from health insurance to driving the company car and meal per diems. Unfortunately dating the boss makes it complicated, especially when that boss turns out to be a clingy boyfriend. Her job may be in jeopardy if she doesn’t turn into his ideal girlfriend. As if she hasn’t already done enough, if she can stomach it, her relationship might become yet another sacrifice for the sake of the family. Things were just starting to look up for the Gallagher clan, yet this is just one of the many cracks in that facade.

Prepubescent Debbie might have an older boyfriend, though the relationship hasn’t turned sexual despite the urgings of her overly hormonal friends. It’s hard to tell if Debbie’s new guy will turn out to be a creep or just a nice guy in need of friendly companionship. It could go either way at this point. Of course, he is 20. She made it very clear to him that she’s only 13. Why is a 20-year-old still trying to hold her hand? He obviously doesn’t have a problem with her age. If he tries anything at all he might be considered a pedophile, which wouldn’t be a new low for Shameless (remember Karen’s tryst with daddy Frank?).

I couldn’t imagine having twins, much less triplets for the first time. Veronica and Kevin are going to have their hands full if nothing goes wrong. As much as Veronica wants her mom to have an abortion, I think she should wait and see how her own pregnancy goes. At this point V could still miscarry which is what she initially feared as she raced to the hospital and found out she was having a “litter.” Kev is on cloud nine, impressed with his own “magic penis.” He’s already a proud papa. Now all he has to do is figure out how to pay for all of these kids. The bar Stan left him with may not be the gift he thought it was.

Still no sign of Ian. I wonder how many episodes it’ll be before he makes an appearance. With Ian out of the picture, there’s a void to fill, which is exactly what the writers intend to do. Thanks to Frank’s bombshell news at the end we may be meeting another Gallagher soon, his oldest daughter!

Shameless is still warming up for the season, while this episode was better than the premiere it’s still building towards something greater.

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